Goal: Wisconsin Waterfalls

Goal: Visit all Wisconsin waterfalls, hike the trails, take photos.  Oddity that I found – no other site seems to have a complete list of falls.  Maybe I haven’t found the right site yet… Create Wikipedia pages for those that don’t exist?

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Wisconsin Falls That I Have Visited

  1. Stephens Falls – Governor Dodge State Park
  2. Little Sand Cave / Big Sand Cave – Wyalusing State Park  (do these fulfill criteria for an actual waterfall?)

List of possible waterfalls (Needs revision/verification):

  1. Amnicon Falls State Park [WI DNR]
  2. Big Falls [eauclaire-info]
  3. Big Manitou Falls [Wikipedia]
  4. Big Smokey Falls [gowaterfalling]
  5. Black River Falls (same as Ni-ho-kha-wa-ne-ey-ja Falls?)
  6. Brownstone Falls [gowaterfalling]
  7. Bull Falls [travelwisconsin]
  8. Cascade Falls [Wikipedia]
  9. Cato Falls Lower (Upper?) [waterfallsinwisconsin]
  10. Copper Falls [WI DNR]
  11. Dave’s Falls [travelwisconsin]
  12. Devils River Falls [waterfallsinwisconsin]
  13. Eighteen Foot Falls [travelwisconsin]
  14. Fonferek Falls [travelwisconsin]
  15. Foster Falls [gowaterfalling] [ironcountywi]
  16. Gile Falls [ironcountywi]
  17. Interstate Falls [ironcountywi]
  18. Kimball Falls [ironcountywi]
  19. La Salle Falls
  20. Lake of the Falls [ironcountywi]
  21. Little Manitou Falls
  22. Little Quinnesec Falls
  23. Long Slide Falls
  24. Lost Creek Falls
  25. Long Slide Falls
  26. McClintock Falls
  27. Morgan Falls
  28. Orienta Falls
  29. Pemene Falls
  30. Peterson Falls
  31. Piers Gorge
  32. Potato River Falls [ironcountywi]
  33. Quiver Falls
  34. Rice Lake Falls
  35. Rock Cut Falls
  36. Rouse Falls [ironcountywi]
  37. Sand Portage Falls / 4th Pier
  38. Saxon Falls
  39. Shale Falls
  40. Shay’s Dam Falls [ironcountywi]
  41. Siskiwit Falls
  42. Slough Gundy
  43. Smalley Falls
  44. Spring Camp Falls [ironcountywi]
  45. Strong Falls
  46. Superior Falls [ironcountywi]
  47. Thunder River (3) falls at Veterans Memorial (duplicate?)
  48. Trout Falls
  49. Twelve Foot Falls
  50. Upson Falls [ironcountywi]
  51. Veteran’s Falls
  52. Wequiock Falls
  53. Willow River Falls
  54. Wren Falls [ironcountywi]