Glassjaw @ The Metro

Found more concert photos on an old hard drive I had laying around. Glassjaw at The Metro in Chicago, IL. I think this was my first time at The Metro and the initial impression was that it is cramped. I think my ears were ringing for a week afterwards but was a great show. Funny enough, Glassjaw was one of the first bands I ever saw back in like 1999 but we didn’t really carry around cameras back then. Setlist found here, I think this was part of the Coloring Book Tour but don’t quote me on that.

At about the midpoint of the set I had to use the bathroom and get a beer. Tried getting a look from up on the balcony but it was jam packed and I’m too short.

No chance I was getting my spot back, but I went back downstairs on the far left side along the back wall. Wasn’t the best view but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Lat = 41.9497452 , Long = -87.658905 -- Show at Google Maps

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