Bryce Canyon National Park

Ran into a dilemma this morning of which direction to take next.  Each way leads to a path where I miss out on major locations I wanted to see.  Ended up taking the safe route and going for a quick day trip to Bryce Canyon, and coming back to my little shack in the RV park since it’s cheap and warm.

Bryce Canyon’s main attraction is a string of several overlooks peering down the canyon on to hoodoos – vertical rock formations.  The red colors of the rock, caused by high iron mineral content – give off multiple color shades depending on time of day and your point of view.  Beyond the seemingly endless cliff sides, the landscape opens up almost as far as you can see to the next plateaus on the horizon.  Elevation around the canyon rim is in the 8,000-9,000 foot range and you definitely sense that height looking down.  Hiked the rim path and some other short trails, maybe a few miles.  Hiking shoes still drying out from yesterday’s wading in the narrows.

There is also a longer drive through the park but I didn’t take it due to large crowds and I’m a bit tired.  Saving my energy for tomorrow.  Have to make a decision – Escalante to the East, Grand Canyon to the South, west to Vegas, or something else entirely.  Need some sleep first.

Lat = 37.6723666 , Long = -112.1568409 -- Show at Google Maps

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