Death Valley – Texas Springs Pt. 2

Back at Texas Springs campground for one more night.  Tomorrow I had planned to check out a backcountry campsite but as usual plans change (more on that later).  Tent held up well until around midnight when the winds kicked up an started gusting to 40mph.  I was only able to pound 6 stakes and my tent is only semi-freestanding.  Not even rocks holding it down could stop mother nature.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Besides tent malfunctions, what’s special here? Stars – lots and lots of stars.  Although no Milky Way is visible the sky still shines bright.  I took slight artistic liberty in the editing here and blacked out cars & campers below the horizon leaving only my campfire. (Don’t forget to click images for a full screen view!)

Unfortunately this part of my trip is bittersweet.  As I woke in the morning, I received news that my grandmother Grace Joyce Martin had passed away.  She had fallen ill and was in the hospital before I left, and although I was sad to hear of her passing, I found some comfort in knowing she no longer felt pain.

Grandma Grace gave me the simplest & best advice I ever received and is indirectly responsible for all of my adventures.  DO IT NOW.  I earned this admonishment thanks to constant procrastination, but the words hold true for far more than just homework.  Rest in peace Nana, say hi to Grandpa Alvin and the others for me.

Lat = 36.4590492 , Long = -116.8533936 -- Show at Google Maps

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