Gatlinburg, TN

Stayed overnight in Gatlinburg because it was close to the Smokies.  The area is very tourist-y with many shops & attractions but we didn’t have time for most of these things.  Directly behind the hotel there was a small rapids/waterfall – seems like these are everywhere!

Aside from putting pins in my live G-map, I mainly wanted to share this wonderful & awful photo.  One of the many shops on the tourist walk had amazing aromas of pizza, fudge, and other treats.  It also had about 100 rascal scooters for better drive-up diabetes service. ‘Merica.

We had Reed doggy with us and ate dinner in the rain on a patio at Dick’s Last Resort.  Good food but purposely rude service (akin to Ed Debevic’s for yous Chicagolanders).  Walking back to the hotel, bystanders stopped us and said a black bear was roaming around – never saw it, but not something you hear every day.

On to the next destination!  I forsee more inclement weather coming…

Lat = 35.7142601 , Long = -83.5101624 -- Show at Google Maps

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