Grandfather Falls

Decided to keep chasing waterfalls (no, I’m not doing that intentionally).  Next stop was Grandfather Falls in Merrill, WI.  Like many of the other state parks and popular destinations, this site also crosses with the Ice Age Trail – something I would like to section hike but that’s far in the future.

The falls are not very specatular, but according to Wikipedia it is the highest falls on the Wisconsin River (although spread out over a mile).  What is surprising is just how wide the river is at this point and how much water is moving downstream – very powerful and I wouldn’t want to cross the river here.  I could have hiked farther down the banks, but again due to recent rain & high waters this wasn’t easily passable so I kept moving.  Checking it off the list.

Lat = 45.3038559 , Long = -89.7904129 -- Show at Google Maps

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