Lake Wissota State Park

Last night I was informed by park attendants while at Willow River State Park that rain would begin promptly at 6am today.  Sure enough, heavy thunderstorms started at 6:15am.  Thankfully I woke early and broke down camp quick.  My next stop was not planned – more of an “I’m bored and tired of driving in rain” moment.  So I pulled off and briefly checked out Lake Wissota State Park.

Just as I suspected, this wasn’t the most brilliant time to visit the park.  It was wet, rainy, grey, and getting colder.  No bueno, but an effort was made.  I witnessed the leafless Centennial Tree – planted in 2000 to celebrate 100 years of Wisconsin State Parks.

I briefly hiked part of what I think is the Beaver Meadow Nature Trail but the heavy fallen leaf cover made me lose the trail easily even with GPS active.  I was the only car in the park – generally a bad sign in my experience.  Oh well, on to the next stop!

Hiking Data

Not much to see here.  I would like to return in the future, and it looks like with a full day I could hike all the trails.  Probably best in September.  Photos look different because the Gaia site was all jacked up – fitting for this location because none of it worked that day.

Lat = 44.9798698 , Long = -91.3086624 -- Show at Google Maps

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  1. Yes, cool but creepy being there alone in that weather. I think I have watched too many scary movies, lol. Glad you made it out.


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