Las Vegas – December 2017

2017 was full of travel, but December has come and I still somehow had vacation time saved up.  I quickly searched airfare and weather forecasts and decided the Las Vegas area was the easiest and most economical shot.  My plan? Get plane tickets and a rental car, then figure out the rest later.

As usual, I found fantastic weather for flying but gladly no delays.

Arrived around 11pm and had a short AirBnB stay where I never met the host.  Woke early, stopped at Walmart for supplies, then headed out into the desert.  Mountain views leaving Vegas are a welcome change from the dreary grey skies of Wisconsin.

Where am I going from here?  About 100 miles west.  Stay tuned for new posts!

Et Cetera

I’m putting the miscellaneous Vegas stuff in one post because there’s no other good chronological way to share it.  From my limited time within the city limits.

Wild Wild West: Caught this guy a short distance from the strip.  Probably security/police, but interesting for a flatlander like me to see someone open-carrying.  Reminded me of Grand Theft Auto for some reason.

Best Pizza Ever? Had some awesome AirBnB hosts at the end of my trip who said they could show me “the best pizza I would ever eat in my life” at a spot called Pizza Rock.  Three of us shared the New Yorker, Detroit Red Top, and 6 house meatballs.  Left with that hazy feeling bordering on shame and contentment.  Best ever? No.  Would I come here again? Definitely.

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Someone suggested to visit a sandwich shop called Capriotti’s which was supposed to be “awesome”.  Had a Bobbie and 1/2 BBQ chicken salad.  It was OK but I wish I had my $15 back.

Desert Drinks: Tried some of the local beer game from Joseph James – surprisingly solid.  Somehow came across a 2017 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout but to my dismay it was past it’s prime.

Where’s The Beef? Locals suggested I could find the “best burger ever” at a place called Bachi Burger.  Had a Miyagi-San which was wagyu beef, carmelized bacon, fried egg, and tempura onion rings.  Super tasty but I can’t say it was worth the $20+ and definitely not the best ever.  Vegas people need to chill out on the hyped-up advice.

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