Newport, TN

Nothing super exciting in Newport, Tennessee – especially on a Sunday afternoon if you aren’t at church.  Kelly had to study so hiking was a no-go.  Daylight was running short so I just wandered around exploring the area.  I’m mainly adding this to drop pins on my live G-map, but there a few points of interest:

Not a hiker but want to soak in some views?  Tennessee has many scenic Trails & Byways routes and the signs are found everywhere.  Just start driving, you will find them.

Got the blues because small towns in the bible belt make Sundays drier than an AA meeting in the desert?  Go bowling sober!  Bonus points if you are the only person there, double bonus if you get to listen to country (pop) music the whole time and play Big Buck Hunter.  Rolled 154 with a house ball and so many missed spares, haven’t bowled in several years.

Since there was fuck all else to do, I purposely drove around getting lost just to check out the area.  Found sunshine often but only stopped for photos one time.  Reminds me of the Windows XP wallpaper.  Enjoy and stay tuned, more posts to come!


Lat = 35.9670410 , Long = -83.1876602 -- Show at Google Maps

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