Timms Hill – Wisconsin’s Highest Point

Last winter I started dreaming up “side quests” for future journeys – mostly to help discover new places to visit, but also as a pseudo bucket-list to keep me moving.  One dark and cold night, I was using my Google-fu and came across the concept of highpointing which is to visit all the highest points at different levels (world/state/county).  This trip afforded me the opportunity to visit Wisconsin’s highest point which is Timm’s Hill.

From the main parking area & trailhead, its a relatively short hike up to the summit.  Leaves completely covered the path but it was wide and easy to distinguish.

After the short hike you reach the observation tower and a side tower with communications or weather equipment (not sure, but its the taller object on the right).  Observation tower is some 5 stories high give or take.

Most exciting part?  I get to check off my first official USGS highpoint marker!

Views from the top are stunning even though all the leaves have fallen.  Winds here were very strong, likely gusting above 50mph consistently.  Very cold today.

Saved the best photo for last – got a decent panorama with the iPhone.

For a list of all the highest points in the US 50 states & to track my progress, follow this link (caution: page is currently a work-in-progress but will get more organized in time).

Lat = 45.4510765 , Long = -90.1951447 -- Show at Google Maps

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