All Evil Wave

All Evil Wave is a small waterfall located within Quarry Lake Park in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.  Access to the falls is just a short walk from the parking lot through the bushes.  Water levels seem very low right now, and although this is a small falls (rapids?), probably better earlier in spring.

Other rapids are found all the way up the river.  These are from the opposite end near the park boundary that are nearly as large as the main “falls”.

I can now check this off my list but would I suggest others visiting the area?  Well…

Behind The Scenes

For this post, in trying to not sensationalize any of the places I visit more than deserved, I wanted to include some images showing things aren’t always what they seem.  Quarry Lake Park is currently being re-vitalized by a county project.  Water is being pumped from the lake back into the Root River – I wonder what impact that has?  I wouldn’t even think of swimming here due to the foul stink & huge algae blooms.

Before you go jumping into the river, take note of the storm runoff sewers nearby.  Not pictured are loads of broken glass/bottles and other trash left by irresponsible people partying.

Wildflowers? No.  After returning home I searched for a name on this plant only to find it is an invasive weed called Dame’s rocket (Hesperis matronalis).  Reported this back to the DNR so they can work on control. (UPDATE 06/25/18: Wisconsin DNR liked the detail from this photo and may use it for future publications!) 

Lat = 42.7456169 , Long = -87.8217010 -- Show at Google Maps

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