Big Falls (Kennan, WI)

Another quick waterfall stop in Kennan, Wisconsin at Big Falls County Park & Campground.  Access to the falls is extremely easy via a short staircase from the parking area down to the Jump River.

Views down stream are breathtaking in their own right…

But views upstream of Big Falls (also known as Jump River Falls) are even better.

The falls stretch for several hundred yards up & around the rocky bend.  This is a popular area for a family picnic and there is also a small campground if you want to stay longer.


Short video clip of the falls at the main access point, close up from main drop, and more of the falls upstream.

Hiking Data

Not much of a hike here (although you could hike more if you choose).  I just made a quick stop to check out the falls.  Still worth it even just to have lunch!

Lat = 45.40522 , Long = -90.6390228 -- Show at Google Maps

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