Cedar Falls

Another detour for the ol’ Wisco waterfall checklist.  Located in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin you can find Cedar Falls at the aptly named Cedar Falls Campground.

Upstream scenery of the Willow Flowage is idyllic – even had a peek at blue skies through an otherwise overcast day.

Public can access the falls up to a small bridge for viewing the falls from above; further views you would need to be a guest in the campground.

Hard to photograph from above but here’s a short video to show more detail.

Moving on down the road, still have hours of driving ahead to reach the first campsite.  Stay tuned – these were a warm-up but have some HUGE falls coming next!

Edit: My next stop was supposed to be Willow River Rapids which is nearby in this area.  I didn’t have cell reception anywhere here and my offline phone maps failed me.  Next stop I made sure to buy a paper Wisconsin road atlas – mentioning this for anyone else attempting adventures so you don’t miss your targets!

Lat = 45.7583542 , Long = -89.845459 -- Show at Google Maps

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