Hoover Dam

Back in Vegas for the final full day of exploration.  Decided to visit the engineering marvel that is the Hoover Dam and take the tours.  Parking at the free lots above the dam I walked across and like most tourists stopped first to stand across the Nevada-Arizona border.

Outside the structures are several art pieces created by Oskar J.W. Hansen.  This one is a huge bronze/copper display that commemorates the 96 men who died constructing the dam.

I made a point to arrive very early this Sunday morning to beat the crowds.  That seems to have paid off as my underground tour group was all of 4 people.  After riding the elevator down 530 feet you reach a long hallway that runs through the mountains.

At the end of this tunnel you reach the Hoover Dam Powerplant to view the massive electric generators that harness the hydro power.

After the walking tour was complete we moved to the visitor center for a short video on how the dam conserves & redistributes water to the southwest regions.  Here you can view a diorama of the entire desert watershed.

A short walk back to the main visitor center allows access to the huge exhibit gallery with history & artifacts from past to present.  You can also access the 2nd level outdoor viewing deck for birds-eye views of the downstream side of the dam.

Back outdoors I drove to the top parking area for panoramic views.  From here you can see the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the entire Hoover Dam facility, and the surrounding mountains.

Here’s a closer view with more detail. (Dont forget you can click any photo for full-screen views!)

Another closer view from the parking lot at same level as the top of the dam.

And here’s the dam from downstream as seen from the visitor center outdoor rooftop.

Here’s the best shot I took of the bridge from earlier in the day walking across the center of the dam.

And the best view of Lake Mead / Black Canyon of the Colorado also from the center of the dam walkway.

¿Hiking Data?

So I must have turned on my hiking app and forgot to disable.  You can clearly tell when I was driving because I certainly can’t walk 30mph.  Keeping this here just for fun.

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