Interstate Falls

Leaving Kimball Falls I took a wrong turn and ended up in Hurley, Wisconsin.  Spotty cell signal here (PS – Sprint sucks!) caused me to get lost briefly before pulling out the old paper atlas.  Thankfully it was a fortuitous mistake and I ended up near my next destination of Interstate Falls.

Trails in this area are well-maintained and appear to be heavily used.  Today the forest was eerily still with only the slightest breeze.

The path leads away from the parking area several hundred yards then turns 90 degrees and follows the Montreal River westward.  At points you can reach the banks and catch views of the rapids upstream.

Top of the falls are accessible from the trail.  Wouldn’t want to slip and fall here!

Recently new guard railings & stairways have been constructed for easier access to the area.  Final viewing platform below.

View of Interstate Falls from the platform.  This photo doesn’t really give proper scale of just how large the falls are – seem much bigger in person!

Short video of the falls from above and below:

Peterson Falls Failure – Private Land?

From the main road turnoff on US Route 2 there is a small wooden sign claiming another waterfall called Peterson Falls is in the area.  My guidebook & notes also confirm this, and there is clearly a trail leading east from the main fork.  However after hiking down that way only a short distance you come to a spot that is flooded and has “NO TRESSPASSING” signs and a more official DNR posting confirming the end of public access.  An effort was made but appears this spot is no longer open.

Hiking Data

Overall this hike is quite easy and could be done by nearly anyone with a little effort.  Forest is quite peaceful and although trails seem heavily trafficked I only saw one other person all day.  Highly suggest checking this out for yourself!

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