Joshua Tree National Park – Lost Palms Oasis

From Mastodon Peak I continued on the trail to Lost Palms Oasis.  This is an in/out trail going about 3 miles each way.

The trail winds through many different types of landscape – hills, sandy washes, patches of rocks, and just about everything in between.

Damages from flash flooding in October has blocked off the connector trail back to Cottonwood Springs.

For the most part hiking out here is quite desolate and silent.  Occasionally I would hear birds chirping but not often.  Caught a brief glimpse of a black-tailed jack rabbit but they are super fast and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Another view of the trail.  You can see there are very few markings here but the path is clear if you pay attention.  Stay focused, it’s easy to get lost here.

Only a few markers were seen during this trek.  Here is mile marker number 2.

Another view of Eagle Mountain – it looks so huge in the distance!

Here’s a shot of the trail going up & over one of many rocky washed-out sections.  You will definitely get a workout during this hike.

Finally at the oasis there is one small sign stating this is the largest group of California fan palms in the park.

Here’s a wide shot of the palms. (Don’t forget to click photos to see in full-screen with much greater detail!)

Zoomed in view of the lower group of palms.

And a zoomed in shot of the upper section.  At first glance this doesn’t look like much, but on further inspection that’s one huge alcove up above!

The trail continues on here for another 1/4-1/2 mile.  According to what I was told the elevation changes will kick your butt.  I wanted to do it but daylight was fading and I didn’t want to hike alone in the dark today.

Turning back towards the start gives a reverse view of the trail.  Lots of elevation change near the oasis, major leg workout.

One big benefit of hiking back near dark?  With the overcast skies I got some major moody photos.

Another view including some of the small boulder formations.  Notice the sun isn’t below the horizon but clouds are cutting the light short.

And one final view looking across the desert.  Had I done nothing else but come for these sights I would be satisfied.  Amazingly big and desolate country.

Hiking Data

This one will kick your ass but in a good way.  Views are worth it and not many visitors even see the south entrance (don’t quote me but it’s something less than 10% if memory is correct).  If you decide to do one long hike make it this one.  Be very careful if weather is hot or if rain is forecasted – both could kill you.

Lat = 33.7129173 , Long = -115.7625732 -- Show at Google Maps

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