Joshua Tree National Park – Oasis Visitor Center

Stopped at the Oasis Visitor Center many times during my stay.  Their parking lot was the nearest place I could get LTE service but also has some cool educational displays.

And some more displays & dioramas detailing history of the park, geography, and wildlife.  Two main reasons for this post: first is to drop pins on my geo-mashup page (see it here)…

Secondly and more important was this candid shot I got of a junior ranger being sworn in.  Check out his dad cheesin’ out top left.  I just happened to be standing there and snapped a quick photo & sent it to the guy.  Kid got really shy and didn’t want to repeat the pledge, gave us all a chuckle.  Whomever you were from Colorado good on you!

OK enough playing around, back to adventure!

Lat = 34.1287308 , Long = -116.0375977 -- Show at Google Maps

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