Joshua Tree National Park – Split Rock

Lunchtime was over and it was back to the trails.  Right across the street from Live Oak was the popular Split Rock Loop.

Split Rock itself can be found right behind the trail head sign.

Probably the best info sign I have seen yet, this one carried a simple message: “THIS IS A COOL PLACE RESPECT IT”.

Going counter-clockwise the trail starts in relatively open space with small boulders.

As you wind around, boulder groups become more frequent and larger.

Various wildlife & plants can be seen here but most of my photos failed.  One however stood out – this is a close-up look at the sharp spines & bright limbs of a purple cane cholla cactus.

About midway the trail climbs for a while.  Overall the trail has about 250 feet elevation change.

Coming back down you wind through valleys of the boulder field.  I’m no rock climber but this must be what their Valhalla looks like.

Endless boulders to climb everywhere.  Nothing like this exists back home in the upper Midwest.

Found one lonely climber near the end of my loop but they were everywhere if you looked close enough.

Hiking Data

Overall this is a fairly easy hike with gradual elevation changes.  Because the maps are bad I missed the feature called “Face Rock” near the SW halfway point – be sure to check it out if you go.

Lat = 34.0095901 , Long = -116.0557632 -- Show at Google Maps

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