Menomonee Falls

Another short detour near home and bagged another 2 waterfalls for my checklist.  This time it was Menomonee Falls just northwest of Milwaukee.  Starting at the far north end is Mill Pond Park which contains a spillway that was crafted to appear like a natural waterfall and is visible from the street.

Directly south across Main Street is Lime Kiln Park which contains the actual falls.  There are several historical placards and preserved lime kiln structures from when this was a limestone quarry.

Following the Menomonee River through the park, sometimes you can climb down and reach the banks, while others you need to view from above on the cliffs and bridges that cross over.

After following the river south (or the paved path then taking a shortcut trail) you finally reach the falls near the lime kilns.

Drop directly at the falls is probably less than 10 feet but still a nice area.

Hiking Data

Went in blind and walked most of the way along the banks where possible.  Total trip was 1 mile because I walked all the way to the south end of the park not knowing if I would find more falls.  You could walk a much shorter distance on the paved path direct to the falls themselves.

Lat = 43.1772728 , Long = -88.1127548 -- Show at Google Maps

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