Pike Hole Rapids / Little Falls

Last stop before camp was again on the Apple River but slightly farther north around Amery/Little Falls, Wisconsin.  This was another unique location offering two falls in one spot with less than 1/4 of separation.  Starting at the WI DNR public fishing area, I made my way down the foot-worn path to see both Pike Hole Rapids and Little Falls.

Pike Hole Rapids

Ironically the overall drop of these rapids are larger than Little Falls downstream so I’m considering it a falls.  The hike in is nice but not much to photograph through dense brush.  A short ways down the trail, you can climb down to the river banks where the forest opens up.

This one allows hopping on rocks right next to the rapids – careful not to slip here!  Water levels are still high from recent rains.  Rapids here at full flow are rated as class II/III.

Back on the trail you start climbing up the cliffside again.  A small clearing allows for an excellent overhead view and gives better perspective of the size.

Little Falls (Amery)

Downstream the river calms briefly and makes it’s way around an “S” bend.  You can’t hike along the shores here but the last views at water level with the sun fading give a faux autumn feel.

Again not much to photograph on the hike – just dense brush and lots of mosquitos.  Climbing back down to the shoreline again I reached Little Falls.  Not a very large drop but it’s peaceful here and worth seeing!  Two more checked off the Wisco falls list.

Here’s a short video of both falls:

Hiking Data

The hike is about 2/3 mile total and not very difficult but some of the sections climbing down to the shores can be slippery.  Some basic caution and just about anybody can make this trek.

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