Siskiwit Falls

After Houghton & Echo Dells Falls, I started towards my destination by going along the shoreline of Lake Superior on WIS 13.  Next location was in Cornucopia, Wisconsin at the very unique Siskiwit Falls.  There are no paths here as all land is private property – you must wade through the river.  Don’t want to get wet?  Views from the bridge above are nice, but you would be missing a majority of the entire package.

So you decided to hop in the water?  Good for you!  Staring south of the bridge, the “main” first falls are several feet high and easily climb-able.

The river bottoms get quite sandy and soft here like quicksand.  Above this is a large rock slope that probably rises a good 10 feet or more.  I took a look upstream here and besides some small rapids there isn’t much more in that direction.

Turning back and going north from the bridge is all downstream.  There are many small drops along maybe a 1/4 mile stretch, but it becomes somewhat difficult to photograph at times due to angles & elevation differences.  The first large drop is maybe 6-8 feet over the course of 100 yards.  Again the photos don’t really depict a good representation of scale – they are quite impressive!

The next large drop is probably 10+ feet and was my favorite spot.  The rocks below the rushing water are almost like a staircase. (Reminder: Click images for a larger full-screen view!)

Again about 100 yards downstream is the largest drop that has to 10-15 feet over the course of maybe 40 yards.  This view is also quite impressive but because you are standing so far below the drop it starts becoming an optical illusion.

Shortly after the large drop, the river gets quite deep and the main run of falls ends.  The view becomes obscured under fallen brush but again I didn’t see anything besides some small rapids past this.  The water smells a bit stronger here so I passed on taking a swim.  Silver lining?  Now you get to walk back up all the falls and see them again!

Here’s a video compilation the falls on this stretch of the river:


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you decide to visit the area, please be very respectful to the private property surrounding the river.  Enter only from the NE corner of the overpass bridge.  Definitely do not enter from the SW corner where there are multiple NO TRESPASSING signs posted.  Police were here today because the private property here was damaged by some malicious parties, and the landowner had enough so cops were citing anyone entering the river improperly.  Also be mindful of the allowed parking spots along the road.  Don’t be the one bad apple who spoils it for the bunch, keep access to these lands open by being a good steward!


Hiking Data

The trek here isn’t so much physically demanding as it is potentially dangerous due to slipping on rocks.  Earlier this year I got a killer deal on some NRS Paddle Shoes, and wearing these to wade through the river made it super easy.  You could still do it with minimal risk in bare feet but be cautious to prevent falling.

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