Strong Falls

Just a short drive upstream from McClintock Falls on the Peshtigo River is another amazing waterfall called Strong Falls.

Access is extremely easy via Goodman Park – drive up the gravel entrance road, park in one of several small parking lots, and walk through the grass park to the falls.

If you are interested in hosting a larger gathering/party, there is a large log cabin originally constructed in the late 1930’s by the CCC that is available for use.

Not far from the cabin is the main falls.  Water levels are very high and flowing rapidly today.

A closer view of the main falls.  Strong is an accurate description, lots of water moving here.

Here’s a view from the side angle showing how it drops over a series of boulders.

Not far upstream is a huge wooden arch bridge over the river.  Directly under the bridge is a small riffle/falls maybe 2-3 feet high.

The bridge connects to a long wooden walkway on the other bank that leads to another major feature.

Surrounded by bright yellow maple & aspen leaves this secondary falls looks like something out of a sci-fi fantasy.  I half expected elves or faeries to pop out and send me on a quest!


Here’s a short compilation video from the area.  An excellent place to visit in the fall.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Not much of a “hike”, more of a nice walk in the park.  Very easy for anyone to access this area.  This one is quite the hidden gem!

Lat = 45.5187912 , Long = -88.3415375 -- Show at Google Maps

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