Twin Falls

The rain cleared up and sunshine started to peek out from the clouds as I made my way towards Twin Falls in Port Wing, Wisconsin.  Entrance to the area is very easy via Twin Falls Park directly off Highway 13.

From the parking lot, you can take the “upper” route to see the falls from the clifftops above.  The path is quite easy to follow and well groomed.

Alternatively, if you want to wade through the creek you can get fantastic views of the lower falls from below. (I have a pair of NRS paddle shoes which make the task quite easy relative to going barefoot or soaking your shoes, YMMV).

If you brave the creek, there is a staircase on the right bank leading back up the cliffs for alternate views of the upper falls.  Be warned there is private property in this area so please respect the boundaries. (NOTE: To be honest I can’t tell from maps where the lines are drawn, do your own homework on this so you don’t trespass!)

Views facing directly towards the upper falls are partially obscured by heavy brush cover.  Views above the falls give great perspective of how the water has carved through the rock but don’t show the falls themselves.

Views from the other side give a better perspective of both features, but even here notice how the rocks look different.

Of course I’ve saved the best for last – the lower falls view standing in the creek.  Not sure on exact heights but I would estimate the lower falls are 10-15 feet tall, and from the upper falls down to the creek is probably 20+ feet total.  Not much water flowing here but still worth the journey.

Here’s a short video of both falls in action:

Hiking Data

Hiking here is not very difficult, save for wading through the creek if you choose that route.  Most of the time I spent here was trying to get a good camera angle on the upper falls without falling over the cliff.  At just under 1 mile for both upper and lower this is still quite easy for most people.

Lat = 46.7729797 , Long = -91.390274 -- Show at Google Maps

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