Veterans Falls

Temperatures were colder than expected last night.  I had no issue waking early and breaking down camp to get my adventures started.  First stop was at Veterans Memorial Park near Crivitz, Wisconsin to see 3 falls in one single park.

TONS of wild turkeys in Marinette county.  This group was right on the entrance road and I saw 2 other flocks during my short walk.

Veterans Falls (Upper)

From the parking area, access to the falls can be access two ways: by taking a path over a wooden bridge, or by using a staircase leading down the hillside to the Thunder River.  I started from the stairs.

Almost immediately at the bottom you are greeted by a view of Veterans Falls.  You can see the falls run directly under the bridge (check the video below to see that angle).

Here’s a closer view.  I was the only person here so early and had this space all to myself.  Doesn’t get much better!

Three Foot Falls

Facing Veterans Falls, if you carefully hike along the rocks & shoreline trails you can reach Three Foot Falls only about 50 yards away.

I hiked along the opposite banks later on – this is about as far as you can go before access becomes difficult.  The name is misleading as these are more than three feet high but a fantastic falls either way.

Veterans Falls (Lower)

Another 100 yards downstream is one final falls section that I have only seen referred to as Lower Veterans Falls.  To access you can hike on a small foot-worn path from the main shore.

Views from the side access are the only option – the river widens here and only a kayak could get different angles.  Don’t miss all 3 falls if you are in this area!


Here’s a short video compilation of the 3 falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Hiking here is very easy.  Just make sure you have good shoes/boots as the rocks can be somewhat slippery when wet.

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