Wequiock Falls

Heading back towards home I ended up in the Green Bay area.  Stopped at a small county park in the town of Scott to see Wequiock Falls.  Access is extremely easy from the parking lot and your first views will be looking down 25 feet over the falls edge.

Walking around the small gorge in a circle gives you access to downstream views via this short set of steps to a viewing platform.

The fence here is covered in “love locks”, a ironically-named trend that is thoughtless, destructive, and needs to stop.  C’mon people Leave No Trace, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Under the platform is a drainage covered in graffiti from bored kids.  Not even art, just more vandalism.

Once down at creek level views get much better.  Here’s a wide shot of the falls from near the platform.

And here’s a closer view after I hiked up the muddy and slippery footpath.  The stagnant creek water puts out a noticeable smell so I didn’t stick around long but it’s worth a quick visit for the views.


Here’s a short compilation video of the falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Very easy access via the county park.  Stairs down to the platform aren’t long, hiking the creek banks can be slippery but isn’t overly difficult.

Lat = 44.5682564 , Long = -87.8789902 -- Show at Google Maps

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