Charles Mound – IL Highpoint

Took a quick weekend trip at the start of June specifically to cross another highpoint off my list at Charles Mound, Illinois.  This “peak” stands at 1,235 feet above sea level and is located on private property that the owners graciously open only a few weekends a year. (IMPORTANT: If you visit please read this Summitpost link and don’t trespass on other dates!)

From the gate it’s about a 1.1 mile hike each way along an old gravel farm road.  Views aren’t bad but the bugs here will eat you alive.  Strongly suggest bringing a mosquito head net and lots of bug spray.

About halfway the path bends around a large farm field and you can see the first barn in the distance.  The highpoint is not far beyond that.

Near the barn there is a sign saying visitors should park here, but instructions on Summitpost say to hike all the way in from the gate.  Not sure which one is correct…

Past the first barn up a short hill you finally reach the summit which is marked by a large sign.  Welcome to the highest point in the state of Illinois.

Nearby there are several USGS survey markers showing the elevation and survey dates (looks like 1935 but somewhat hard to read).

And no highpoint would be complete without a guest register book.  This one is kept in a small cooler with a rock keeping the lid down flanked by two lawn chairs.

Views here aren’t bad but there isn’t much to see right now as the fields are largely bare.  Still another highpoint crossed off the list (3/50)!

Hiking Data

Not a very difficult hike besides the bugs.  I can see from the speed chart that I hit 3mph for some stretches which is quite fast for my short legs (and also explains how I got shin splints probably from going too fast).  Return trip is all downhill which makes for a nicer walk back to the car.

Lat = 42.5041122 , Long = -90.2398376 -- Show at Google Maps

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