Dave’s Falls

Rain has been on & off all day but that won’t stop the waterfall train a rollin’.  Next stop is at Dave’s Falls County Park – a place I hadn’t researched much and wasn’t sure what to expect.

A memorial tombstone is just off the parking lot.  Appears the park is named for Dave Frechette, a river logging crew boss, who died clearing a log jam in 1881.

A few steps further is a warning sign about steep cliffs.  Tombstone? Steep cliffs?  Must be some good scenery!

A short hike through the woods unlocks the river’s amazing sights.  The falls are much larger than expected and though it may not show through in photos those cliffs are quite large!

Here’s another view after climbing atop the highest rock I could find nearest to the falls edge.  Don’t let your kids cliffdive from here.

Looking downstream you can see the falls drop and run quite a distance.  Overall drop isn’t listed being very high (think it’s something like 15 feet? Seems wrong…) but they slide down the rocks for a few hundred yards total.

Now after seeing the large falls you would think this spot is complete but there is more to see.  Back upstream you can find a wooden bridge crossing the Pike River to some nice wooded areas.

The river bends here and creates some smaller falls where a higher ledge filters through small rocky openings.  Two of these are very noticeable – here is the smaller one.

And here is the larger of the two “minor” falls.  This one is best viewed back across the river where you started.  Neither of these small falls take much effort to hike to so don’t skip them over!  For me it’s time to press on as daylight is running short.


Here’s a short video of the falls & surrounding park trails.  Enjoy!


Overall this is a very easy place to hike around.  Nearest the large falls are the most challenging/dangerous parts but anyone who is moderately able-bodied should have no trouble.  It helps also not to be afraid of heights if you go close to the edge!

Lat = 45.4960594 , Long = -87.9889679 -- Show at Google Maps

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