Evergreen Falls

Still more waterfalls in Menominee County.  Evergreen Falls thankfully was more challenging than the last few and required navigating old forest roads & hiking down slightly flooded spur trails.

The falls ramble on over several hundred yards.  At the very top there is a nice little shelf-type falls.

Remaining falls are a bit more difficult to capture as they more closely resemble rapids (seems water levels are high so this may be more dramatic than other times).

Looking downstream it mellows out but still continues to drop – I believe overall this drops 30 feet which is fairly large for our area!


Here’s a short video of the falls and rapids.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

The hike itself isn’t very difficult or long and is mostly flat terrain on the old logging road.  Biggest challenge is avoiding wet/muddy areas on a day like today after heavy rains.

Lat = 45.0626411 , Long = -88.6856308 -- Show at Google Maps

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