Horseshoe Falls

Another unique waterfall in Marinette County is Horseshoe falls which is downstream from Twelve Foot Falls still on the Pike River.  Trail head is easy to find though it does require navigating some forest roads.

The trail starts off in quite nice condition with a firm base of gravel.  You can see how green and overgrown everything is now at the start of summer.

At times the trail shows exposed roots and a few slippery rocks but is overall quite easy.  Watch where you are walking and it should be a smooth stroll through the forest.

The reward for your short walk? Amazing views of a multi-level waterfall that bends around a curve – like a horseshoe.  This is the main/upper falls.  Photos don’t really do it justice, this one is very cool.

Walking around the bend downstream gives sight to the lower falls section.  Not pictured here are the rapids that trail off for some distance.  Overall it’s unique, secluded, and well worth the trouble to see!


Here’s a short video of the falls in action.  Here you can see what I couldn’t crop into the photos to get a better feel of how this flows.  Enjoy!


Overall this is a fairly easy hike.  Small obstacles like exposed roots, slippery rocks, and short patches of mud on wet days exist but that just makes it a bit interesting really.  Very much worth it to see these unique falls.

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