Little Bull Falls (Florence, WI) [Failed]

My second fail today at Little Bull Falls in Florence, Wisconsin was intentional but I still visited to scout for future expeditions.  This one is 100% impossible unless you have whitewater paddling skills.

According to the maps I can find, this small parking area is the best put-in point for a run down the Popple River should I ever get skilled & crazy enough to try.

The falls most definitely do exist as confirmed by a large yellow warning sign on the concrete bridge supports.

Views from the bridge are nice but I’m hunting for more chaotic waters.  This one will have to wait for another time.

Maps & Reference

Screenshot below from onXmaps to show private & public boundaries.  White “P” marker is the small put-in spot with enough room for a few cars.  Blue marker is the falls which are 100% surrounded by private lands.  Paddling is the only ticket.

Here’s a zoomed in view of the area maps posted on large displays near the parking lot.  This also confirms you shouldn’t attempt a river run without proper skills, equipment, and planning.

Other resources: The official Florence County waterfall brochure & the book Paddling Northern Wisconsin: 82 Great Trips by Canoe and Kayak by Mike Svob (page 120).

Lat = 45.7658806 , Long = -88.4575119 -- Show at Google Maps

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