Lost Falls

Another relatively easy waterfall in the Black River Falls area is Lost Falls. This can be located by following the large “Lost Falls Campground” signs on the main highways.

The trail head is found right off Sunnyvale Road. Be sure to park cautiously on the shoulder and be considerate to other drivers & the campground.

The “hike” isn’t far at all – less than 1/4 mile round trip. When you reach Roaring Creek the falls are within sight between the canyon walls and tall forest canopy.

A closer look at the falls. This is another cascade style waterfall that drops maybe 6 or 7 feet I’d estimate based on my own height. I have read there are other falls/rapids upstream 1/4 mile but I forgot my water shoes today and sunlight was starting to fade.

One important note: The land-based trail ends and is clearly posted “private property”. If you visit please take care not to trespass and keep this open for all of us!


Here’s a short clip of the falls in action. Enjoy!


Super easy access, super easy hike. Low effort, high reward. Don’t miss this one!

Lat = 44.1741562 , Long = -90.9198532 -- Show at Google Maps

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