Miscauno Falls [Failed]

Miscauno Falls is located in Beecher, Wisconsin however it is locked on private property within the Miscauno Club.  I visited anyway to see if there is contact information posted but found nothing besides a big red gate.  Doesn’t appear there is any easy public access to this area.  Failed but including on my blog for the archives.

Here’s a screenshot I pulled from onXmaps showing the private/public property boundaries (click for larger view).  No public access shown on the map.  Alternative approach: is Miscauno Creek a “navigable waterway” that would allow legal access for fishing/wading?  I need to talk with the Wisconsin DNR and Marinette County Sheriffs for this area to ensure this wouldn’t be breaking the law.

If anyone knows how to contact the Pembine Miscauno Pond Association I would be very appreciative to know more info (only found an old legal case from 1947and some info about the business registration).

Lat = 45.5812492 , Long = -87.8879623 -- Show at Google Maps

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