Natural Bridge State Park

Winter has been far too long but finally I escaped on Memorial Day weekend for the first trip of 2019.  This time I was joined by my sister Emma for a seat-of-the-pants adventure starting at Natural Bridge State Park.  Just a quick stop at the arch today – stay tuned for more unique destinations to come!

Only one additional photo of the placard near the arch.  (See many additional photos from fall 2017 by clicking here).  

New for 2019 I picked up a Sony a6400 to step up my game (previously using the a5000).  These are my first shots with the new setup and I have much to learn.

Hiking Data

Short and relatively easy.  Over 100ft ascent in 1/4 mile but it seems worse on paper than in real life.  Definitely a high-reward short hike with features very unique for Wisconsin.

Lat = 43.3449974 , Long = -89.9301071 -- Show at Google Maps

2 thoughts on “Natural Bridge State Park”

  1. Hello Adam,

    Mick Day, Professor Emeritus at UWM has written a draft chapter on the Caves and Karst of Wisconsin for a book that Greg Brick and I are editing “Caves and Karst of the Upper Midwest: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin & Illinois. In his chapter Mick describes the Natural Bridge in Natural Bridge State Park in Wisconsin. I would like to add a photo of the Natural Bridge to Mick’s chapter. I found your 25 May 2019 posting on Natural Bridge State Park. May I have permission to use the first photo in that positing, the photo of the Natural Bridge, in Mick’s chapter. I will be happy to credit it to you in any brief fashion you specify.

    Thanks in advance for you time (and for taking a very nice photo).

    Best regards,


    E. Calvin Alexander Jr.
    Professor Emeritus
    University of Minnesota


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