Pewits Nest State Natural Area

Next stop was a 50/50 chance at seeing some amazing waterfalls and a rocky gorge at Pewits Nest State Natural Area.

The trail here is composed of crushed gravel and seems very new.  It also appears the wooden fences are very new.  First we tried to access on the path to the right of this photo which goes to the lower creek section.

Unfortunately there isnt much to see here but the cliffs are nice.  You can catch one small glimpse of a waterfall but nothing I could get a good photo from.

Back to the fork in the road we tried hiking upwards to view from above.  Note that both of these trail spurs are very very short.

Alas, it was as I feared.  Due to too many people breaking rules & injuring themselves climbing on the cliffs this area is now completely closed off.  That still didn’t stop hordes of ignorant children from trampling on sensitive environment.

Here’s another large group willfully ignoring the signs and preparing to go for a swim.  I told them it was closed and it didn’t seem to register much.  People are assholes sometimes.

Until they open this area again it appears there is no good access to the falls that I can see.  May try again later by wading upstream from the bottom but I need to confirm this is allowed & won’t hurt the ecosystem.

Hiking Data

Short hike but the area is now mostly closed off.  Not much to see here until the DNR finds a way to safely give access again.

Lat = 43.4503517 , Long = -89.7898026 -- Show at Google Maps

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