Tyler Forks Dells [Failed]

Attempted Tyler Forks Dells Falls but failed with a capital F.  I did reach the parking area at the end of Moore Park Road but from there it kind of sputtered out.  Bushwhacking looked like one heck of a chore in July’s dense brush.  Temps were still around 90°F today and none of this looked fun.

I thought about wading up the Tyler Forks for a good 10-20 minutes before reconsidering.  I tried hiking a trail back up the road to the west but found large piles of coyote/wolf scat and reconsidered.  No cell signal and rain was on the horizon so I aborted.

Here’s a topo map of the area.  As you can see there are one set of small falls/rapids not far from the parking area.  That second one looks to be much tougher, my guess is that best access could be via those 2-track trails from the west.  Needs more research.

Once I got back on the main highway with cell service I confirmed powerful thunderstorms were indeed bearing down on me.  Probably a very good call for safety.

Flash flood warnings with 2″+ of rainfall?  Yep sounds like my kinda party!  Oh well, better luck next time.  Some wise words in the weather service bulletin: “Turn around, don’t drown.”

Lat = 46.3361893 , Long = -90.4886703 -- Show at Google Maps

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  1. The time to visit Tyler Forks is in the spring before the tall weeds and underbrush takes over the area… when I was there in the spring and visited Tyler Forks Lower Falls I did not realize there was an upper falls so did not go further up the stream… I have talked to a person who visited the Upper Falls and was told it is not much more than some rapids (however, they also said the stream was very low when they were at the upper falls)… research shows that there is another “major” rapids on further up stream from the upper falls.


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