Upson Falls

Another hidden falls in Iron County which isn’t surprising given that much of this area if covered in dense forest.  Upson Falls was my next stop and is very easily accessed via the city park & campground.  There’s even a small shelter for larger parties.

Hiking from the shelter upstream you will find some smaller falls/rapids at the bottom.  Water levels seem lower than other photos online but the Potato River is still flowing OK at this spot.

A bit further upstream you can start seeing the larger “middle” falls area.  Apologies my photos today are not very good – weather is hot & the overhead noon sun isn’t helping my camera.

Hiking still further upstream atop the rocks/cliffs leads to tree obstructed views.  Again not the best for photography but you can see everything birds-eye fashion from this angle.  These falls are taller than I expected!

Here’s another angle through the trees.  I stopped my trek here but you can certainly go further upstream and reach those upper falls at the very top of the photo.  Too hot & too many mosquitoes/flies today but a great place for quick visits or even overnight camping!


Here’s a short video of the falls in action.  Enjoy!


Overall this is a very short hike with relative ease.  Be aware there isn’t really a formal hiking trail – rather just a series of paths in the woods that sometimes disappear completely.  Probably some bushwhacking required to reach the upper falls.

Lat = 46.3702087 , Long = -90.4115601 -- Show at Google Maps

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