Wolf River Dalles & Tea Kettle Rapids

Menominee County is chock full of amazing natural beauty along the Wolf River.  Next spot is a 2-for-1 starting at Tea Kettle Rapids which is more of a small shelf waterfall but called rapids by name.

Just a few hundred yards downstream is also Wolf River Dalles.  This is the best photo I could get but the below video shows more, it’s really an amazing little spot.

Quick gratuitous shot of the Subie in action.  This is the maiden voyage with both kayak & bike loaded up.  Accessing this area can be a bit sketchy along the wet and sandy forest roads but the Forester didn’t even flinch.

Video (4K)

Here’s a short video of Tea Kettle Rapids & Wolf River Dalles.  Enjoy!

Lat = 45.0281067 , Long = -88.6650772 -- Show at Google Maps

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