Red Cedar Waterfall

It’s now the 2nd weekend in June. COVID-19 restrictions have changed a bit and I was finally able to go camping for a proper socially-distanced weekend trip. First stop is to find the waterfall along the Red Cedar State Trail / Red Cedar River. I started from the large boat launch parking lot on County Hwy Y in Dunnville and walked across the bridge which gave great views down the river.

Just across the bridge is an intersection with the Red Cedar State Trail. This is a DNR-managed trail open to hikers and bicyclists (though you need a trail pass to ride a bike but it’s very inexpensive). I opted to walk today since the weather was nearly perfect…and I left the bike at home.

The trail runs directly along the Red Cedar River giving great views across the water. You can see the trees reach very high above the banks as they climb up the surrounding cliffs.

Some sections of the trail are completely covered by the forest canopy. As you can see the surface is in fantastic condition and is made up of crushed stone for a firm & flat base. I saw many bikers running the trails today, mostly families.

Now that spring is sprung (and frankly we were a week away from summer) there is a multitude of wildlife abound. The only cooperative subject was this quite docile female yellow-sided skimmer dragonfly.

On the trail side opposite the river are a series of rocky cliffs covered in dense forest. Some smaller “waterfalls” can be found from time to time where the water runs off the higher elevations.

After about 3/4 mile hiking the trail you will see a sign with a picnic table showing 1/2 mile away. This is where you can find the falls.

At the rest stop area there are no picnic tables but there are two benches, one facing directly at the falls. The area is heavily shaded and quite peaceful, quite the ideal spot to take a break.

Here is a view of the falls looking directly ahead. It doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of water flowing but it does drop 20 feet or more by my estimation and runs across multiple layers of the exposed cliffside.

Here’s another angle from the side to show more of the difference in levels of the rocks. You can walk directly to the bottom through the brush but you will definitely want long pants to protect against prickers & other less friendly plants.


Here’s a short video of the hike itself & the falls. Enjoy!


This is an extremely flat and easy hike along the gravel paved Red Cedar State Trail. Reaching the falls is just several steps off the trail and very easy to reach. If you have a Wisconsin DNR trail pass you can even ride your bicycle and get there faster.

As you can see there is nearly zero change in elevation. The distance is 3 miles but that included walking back to my car and walking back & forth to take photos. It’s a very easy 3 miles and today’s weather was just about perfect making it a breeze.

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