Red River Falls

Found this small “falls” by accident while leaving the Shawano area. You can find it directly east of the Red River Tavern on County Road A as the road crosses the Red River.

Not a particularly spectacular natural feature but I can’t find either of these on the various waterfall sites I visit so I’m posting here to put it on record. (Edit: I do see it now on another site, crossing out my previous statement)

One more zoomed in view. You can see it only drops about 1 foot but water levels are very high right now. I don’t expect it would be more than 2 feet overall even at low water.

Satellite view shows another small “falls” upstream but there is no way to reach it through private lands.


Short video of the falls. Again, not much to look at but it’s still something I find interesting and wanted to capture.

Lat = 44.8258095 , Long = -88.701889 -- Show at Google Maps

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