330th Street Falls

Quick stop in Menomonie, Wisconsin to check out a small falls under a bridge. Taking 330th street just south of Hwy 29 you’ll find Gilbert Creek quite easily. Parking on the shoulder is a little tricky but manageable – be mindful this is all private property so be respectful and don’t trespass on their lands!

Looking over the west side of the bridge you can see the very top section of the falls but the majority is still obscured below. Again, this is all private land so don’t trespass and walk down to the water!

Looking over the east side of the bridge, there is another small drop about 150 feet downstream. But again this is mostly obscured due to the vantage point and the land is private so no hiking…

Thankfully the tree cover is mostly open and this is a perfect opportunity to view from the skies. I put the drone up in the air and was able to see a much better view of the downstream falls which drop 2-3 feet.

Same goes for the falls under the bridge, though I can’t easily tell how much they drop as the camera plays tricks. I’d say it’s still only a couple feet. As you can tell I was having trouble with sunlight peeking out of the clouds sporadically and changing the shadows. Not perfect photography but you get the idea.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action, which in this case is a better representation than 2-dimensional photos alone.

Lat = 44.893425 , Long = -91.9954453 -- Show at Google Maps

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  1. Surprise – surprise… when I was there I only looked downstream at the falls… did not know about the falls under the bridge… thank you drown!!!


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