Baldwin Creek Falls

I left Crivitz and drove a little ways westward to Mountain, Wisconsin in search of new falls I have not yet visited. I’m also itching to get some hiking miles under foot as I’ve been sitting and driving for far too long. Up next is the Baldwin Creek Trail to see Baldwin Creek Falls. There is a small parking area for maybe 3 cars on a dirt road off Co Hwy W. The hike starts down a two track that quickly shrinks to single track.

The trail is generally marked well with orange flagging tape on the nearby trees, but you should be aware it is missing in some sections. Take your time to avoid getting lost, especially in fall where the leaves can obscure the footpath.

Overall it is not a long or difficult trail but there are some challenges. Elevation goes up and down rapidly in some sections, and there are many exposed rocks and tree roots to twist an ankle. Pay a tiny bit of attention and you will be fine.

Baldwin Creek and the falls are only about 1/2 mile from the parking area. It is very narrow at the top and you should be able to cross it by jumping over to get views from both sides. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the trail does go further up to Hagar Mountain which has some great panoramic views as I’ve seen from online photos. The first drop is a couple feet high with the larger drop immediately below.

Another angle from the top of the falls looking directly downstream over the drops. The terrain around many falls prevents you from getting this close to the actual edge so this one is a bit unique in that regard.

I walked and hopped across the rocks to get a direct view from downstream. Sadly it seems I had some memory card corruption and lost my bigger camera photos so this one from my iPhone will have to suffice (doesn’t look bad but my bigger camera would be better).

Here’s the same view with a bit wider shot to show the surrounding features. I don’t know what overall drop is – maybe 10-15 feet? This is a neat place to check out, would definitely recommend it if you are in the area with time to spare!


Here’s a short video showing more of the hiking trail and of course the falls in action.

Hiking Data

Logged hiking path. The parking area isn’t well marked from the road but it’s just west of Baldwin Creek on Hwy W. More info can be seen here on AllTrails. Not a long trail, and not overly strenuous, but it is a place you should pay attention where you are stepping. Lots of exposed rocks and tree roots make it a good place to twist an ankle. Could be tricky when wet/raining due to the rock surfaces.

I logged 1.2 miles and about 100 feet of elevation change. AllTrails has me beat by another 40 feet, but that is likely if you go to the top of the rock feature for panoramic views (which I didn’t know about at the time). You should definitely do that.

Lat = 45.2030716 , Long = -88.4202118 -- Show at Google Maps

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