Kayaking at Mirror Lake State Park

While in The Dells area I checked out a couple waterfall spots but many of the water sources feeding smaller falls are dried up right now. Rather than waste my whole day, I headed to Mirror Lake State Park and got my kayak on the water. Main goal was to test out a new PFD and sprayskirt and this was a plenty safe place to do so. I launched from the southern beach area which was packed on this warm & sunny summer day.

Originally I had my GoPro running with intention of making a timelapse/hyperlapse video but apparently it decided to die on me. Unfortunately it means you don’t get to see 75% of the trip. Rest of the photos you see here are with my old iPhone 8 in a waterproof sleeve and quality is potato-tier. Either way, here you can see some of the exposed cliffs and trees on the steep slopes along the lake.

Another view looking down one of the side-fingers of the lake that winds through the cliffs.

Fairly calm waters in the side channel and you can get right up to the shoreline in most areas. Some of the lands are private so be sure if you exit your boat to know the rules and don’t trespass. Down here in the shadows it is very cool and comfortable even though air temps are around 90.

Beautiful natural features that you can’t find many places in Wisconsin. Here’s a closer view of the cliffs in one spot, sadly covered in graffiti on the lower portion. Be cool and leave no trace so we can have nice things people!

The main body of the lake isn’t very large and waters are quite calm. Doesn’t take much effort to get across or from one end to the other. Now that I made a full loop it’s time to head back to camp for some R&R.

Paddling Stats

Here’s a look at the route I paddled (red line). Notice that gap on the middle/right side? I forgot to start recording from the start. No big deal, was probably only another 1/4 mile for that area. On the far top right corner where my track stops there is a dam and you can’t portage beyond it (but definitely check out that area, best cliffs are up there).

Here are the statistics from GaiaGPS. I find it interesting how there was so much elevation change since you can’t notice this while paddling and you would think water is level. Also interesting is my top speed shows over 3mph in some spots which is faster than I anticipated for top hull speed of my boat (still very slow by comparison to other boat styles though). I really need to get a touring/sea kayak in the future.

Lat = 43.5629463 , Long = -89.8308716 -- Show at Google Maps

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