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The COVID-19 pandemic has presended many challenges in our lives the past several years. Surprisingly my favorite band mewithoutYou had two nights of “virtual” concerts in August 2021 at a time when normal concerts weren’t really possible in most places. I have to say I was skeptical that a live concert-like feeling could be streamed right to my house but I was wrong. These shows were amazing! 10/10 I’d do this again. Credit to DREAMSTAGE for the production and Union Transfer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for hosting both consecutive nights.

NOTE: Since it was virtual of course I don’t have any of my own photos to share, however I do like to chronicle the events I have attended. More actual photos coming soon…

The Beginning Of The End – August 14, 2021

I wasn’t able to watch this one live. Luckily there was a grace period to re-stream and I watched it soon after. link here. Virtual show ticket stub:

Virtual show poster:

Brother, Sister 15 Year Anniversary – August 15, 2021

As stated above I watched this one live and before the previous show. Blown away by how well it translated through my home stereo and TV. Sound quality was on point. link here. Virtual show ticket stub:

Virtual show poster (I actually got a copy of this at a future show in January, it looks even better in person):

Lat = 39.9613838 , Long = -75.1553421 -- Show at Google Maps

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