North Bend Falls (2021)

Quick stop in the small town of North Bend, Wisconsin to visit North Bend Falls which are easily accessible to everyone by parking just off the shoulder on Hwy 54 (just don’t trespass on private, mmkay?). Right from the road you can see the larger upper falls on Mill Creek and the remaining old dam structure around them.

On the other side of the bridge you can only see a glimpse of the lower falls section but it’s not the full picture. Bu you say to yourself “Hey, you’ve been here before…why are you showing this again?”

Shazaam! Behold, the lower falls section courtesy of modern aerial technology. As you can see the lower falls is equally as impressive as the upper part. I believe you can also reach this from the boat ramp further downstream but it probably requires wading or a kayak – both are no problem, but a drone is super easy at this location. [UAV Info & Disclaimer – follow the rules!]


Yes, I am still a drone noob but half the fun is practicing at places like this to build skills. Plus there is just no way to reach the lower falls this easy. Video below probably shows the falls better than above photos since it was such a bright & sunny day. I’m even running ND filters and it’s still blindingly bright. Enjoy!

Lat = 44.0913811 , Long = -91.1159897 -- Show at Google Maps

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