Pemebonwon Falls

Made a quick stop in Pembine, Wisconsin where Crain Lane intersects underneath the US 8 / US 141 overpass to check out a small waterfall that is only legally accessible from the sky. Plenty of room to park on the road shoulder here but make sure you are all the way off the road, it’s narrow. As you can see there are active railroad tracks preventing you from putting boots on the ground, and beyond that it is questionable where the highway easement ends and private land begins. You can see it through the trees but that’s not good enough, goshdarnit.

Launched my drone right off the hood of the truck and made a quick flight to take a look. Sure enough there is a small waterfall and rapids section. This one is so easy to drive right by and never know it existed. I feel lucky to have seen it this way!


Very short video of the falls in action. Enjoy!

Lat = 45.6483917 , Long = -87.9644394 -- Show at Google Maps

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