Presque Isle Spillway

Another stop in a very remote part of Vilas County, this time in the tiny town of Presque Isle, Wisconsin. I actually mistakenly stopped here because I had it marked down as a waterfall as I am not normally a fan of man-made spillways, but this one does have a bit of charm. If you are in the area stop and stretch your legs. Access is very easy through the small park just north of the town entrance sign.

About 50 feet off the road you can see the spillway – a row of boulders placed to look like a real waterfall. Behind the stones is a concrete dam formation including some triangle-shaped stepping stones to get across the top if you so choose.

Here’s another shot with slightly more zoom to show the detail. I should have taken that branch out of the stream, oh well. This is formed by the South Branch Presque Isle River and it tapers off downstream from here as it runs through town.

Up above the dam you can see Little Horsehead Lake which is very still and looks nice with the colors reflecting off like a mirror. That’s all for this quick stop as my afternoon sunlight is starting to fade and I need to get moving quickly.


Here’s a short video. A nice little park but nothing too exciting.

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