Regner Park Rapids [Fail?]

Quick stop on my way home from “up north” at Regner Park in West Bend, Wisconsin to see if I can find some small rapids. I parked on Silverbrook Drive and walking just past the baseball diamonds it’s not difficult to find. Sadly though the rapids are all but gone due to low water levels (look at the brown marks on the bridge culvert, probably a foot or more low).

Upstream of the bridge on Silver Creek should be the largest of the “rapids” to be found here but today is not the day. Water levels are always low in summer but this year has been excessively dry as was the previous winter. If you want to see a better photo when there actually is flowing water look at the Waterfalls Wisconsin site here.

On my way out I walked a little bit further upstream and found some other rock piles and deadfall that would probably get more exciting when levels are higher. Oh well, I tried. All of these are very small so I probably won’t revisit but the park is a nice place (and quite busy on a summer day like today). I’ve seen enough so it’s time to get back on the road.

Lat = 43.4315872 , Long = -88.1907654 -- Show at Google Maps

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  1. Wow, must have been a storm thru there after I was there… don’t remember any deadfall (but I was there 4 months prior to your pix).


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