Rock Falls (Under Re-Construction)

Made a very short stop at Rock Falls, Wisconsin to see what was supposed to be Rock Falls. Sadly, the bridge is currently under re-construction and it isn’t possible to safely access the area. I had no idea there was even construction until I arrived from the east side.

I took a detour and drove around to the west side entrance on State Rd 85. This side was a little bit more finished but still pretty rough and blocked off for construction. Still, I was able to get a little closer to the water.

After carefully walking to the edge of what remains of the concrete bridge base you can see small rapids on Rock Creek as they tumble across some newly installed rocks/boulders. Water flow levels are extremely low which is normal given that it’s summer.

Here’s a tighter shot of the new “rapids” above where the main waterfall should exist. It’s nice but nothing to write home about at this moment.

Looking the other direction you can barely get a glimpse over the edge of the falls. Anything beyond this point is dangerous due to the construction. Below the falls there are some other concrete features and other silt fences/bags but not much else.

Looks like I will be re-visiting some other time. Stay tuned for more on this location…

Lat = 44.7185783 , Long = -91.6957169 -- Show at Google Maps

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