mewithoutYou @ X-Ray Arcade

2022 also starting with back-to-back winter concerts. Also again it’s mewithoutYou (setlist here). Tonight it’s in Cudahy, Wisconsin at the X-Ray Arcade which itself is an interesting place that looks like a tiny dive from outside but has a relatively large music area inside that I didn’t expect. Crowd was packed shoulder-to-shoulder and while it’s mask + vaccine/negative test required I’m too old (and short) to push my way through a sea of humans anymore. Hung out in the back and honestly I might have been one of the older members in the crowd which is surprising. Here’s what it looks like from the far, far back of the joint:

Here’s about as close as I could get. Are people getting taller or am I getting shorter? Wait…don’t answer that. All my photos are super ultra potato quality because the lighting is impossible here for my poor little smartphone camera.

Another photo from almost the same spot and angle. The lights aren’t quite as retina-burning as the photos make them out to be, however it’s not too far off. But it definitely does give off the small divey bar/music hall vibe that I’ve come to know and love while wasting some years of my youth.

Here’s a view of the arcade games in the back. All these lights stayed on during the show which kinda sucked for my viewing but I guess that’s my fault for standing here. On the other hand, they don’t (or can’t) mute the arcade sounds during the show which was supremely annoying.

View of the other arcade games on the other wall. Some neat old games but I’m not big on that stuff anymore. Get off my lawn. Upside to being in the back is I could get out the door first when the end of show stampede came through. VERY cold outside tonight (pretty sure it was below zero windchills). Funny moment from the show was Aaron saying after a song something to the effect of “didn’t think I came to the north pole”. Good stuff.

On a not-so-happy note the band posted to Instagram a few days later on the 14th that two members tested positive and SLC got cancelled & other shows rescheduled. COVID strikes again but thankfully everyone seems alright now as I post this from the future (2/9).

UPDATE 2/10/22: I emailed X Ray Arcade and they were kind enough to share the art for the unique show flyers they create for each event. Totally dig their style, thanks to Justin for sending over this image!

Lat = 42.9529495 , Long = -87.8597107 -- Show at Google Maps

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