WI Pipeline Off-roading June ’22

Back in summer of 2020 I bought a Toyota Tacoma with the intention of being able to explore deeper into places that my other cars & small SUVs wouldn’t allow. After over a year of maintenance, planning, and building it up I was able to join a group from the Tacoma World forums on a weekend trip to check out some trails. We camped at Bear Paw Lake in the Nicolet National Forest near Mountain, Wisconsin. The intention was to check out some obstacles around the well-known Pipeline Trail area which is one of only a small number of public trails in the state for this type of activity. Forecast called for a bit of rain and we saw some light drizzle to start the day.

First stop was a rock shelf obstacle they completed the day before. The small amount of precipitation changed the entire dynamic today and it wasn’t passable. Only the couple guys with slightly bigger setups gave it a run.

One of the guys uncovered some small rocks that gave us bigger headaches than expected. His rig was probably best suited for this and still wasn’t working. Wet granite is no joke, it’s slicker than a Slip ‘n’ Slide.

I didn’t get a chance for many action shots along the trail because we were moving relatively fast and I was concerned with keeping up. We took a couple stops to stretch our legs and discuss where to go next.

Here’s the best shot I got of my own truck. It’s getting more capable by the day but still not 100% where I need to be yet. The plan is to keep it mild because I daily drive it and I need to make it to work first and foremost.

Another gratuitous group shot. Don’t worry we didn’t stay like this for long, just enough for a photo and then moved to clear the trails. Came across several other groups out here today – mostly Jeeps and some side-by-sides. Lots of bugs but a good day to explore the woods.

Another shot “for the ‘Gram”. +10 Bro Points. This was the best one I got today (in my opinion) but I wasn’t trying real hard. Wish I brought my wider angle lens, oh well next time.

All along the trails we saw a good number of snapping turtles (this one was from later in the day but about the same as what we saw as a group). Tread lightly!

Photos Shared From Others

Below photos are credit to Tacoma World member Camerasandcoffee – thank you for letting me use these, and thanks again for taking them since I can’t get shots of my own truck while also driving! He’s got some skills with cameras.

I don’t know if this rock has an official name but people in our groups refer to it as “Bro Rock” because it looks cool but is pretty easy and everyone poses on it. Yes, I am a poser, and I don’t care.

Another shot of the same short climb to give a different angle/perspective.

Camerasandcoffee also has a drone and captured these great overhead shots of the group. I’ll have to bring mine on future trips, this time I was trying just to learn the flow/group dynamic and not get left in the dust!

Another overhead shot from higher elevation. This one is definitely my favorite as it includes more of the forest than others for a high-contrast. Springtime in Wisconsin is always great for that super bright neon green foliage.

Not pictured: Sometime midday we stopped at TK Country Convenience to give people a chance for fuel and some icecream while making decisions where to go next. After the trails we headed to Jungle Jim’s BBQ at which point it started pouring rain and basically ended the trip. Great barbecue though and I highly suggest checking that place out (it is now marked on my destination list to go back to).

If you are interested to see more about my truck build you can see it here on Tacoma World. Still have more ideas on that – stay tuned, I am planning my usual September/October trip and should have new stuff late fall.

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    • Thanks, it was definitely a good trip with a good group. Really never a bad day when you end it with smoked BBQ!


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